Mel –Lead Vocals

Born in Hull Canada, Melanie always had a taste for arts. Whether it was putting together plays for school, choreographies, writing songs or just using her voice, she quickly realized it had to be part of her life.

After graduating college with a degree in Business Administration, she didn’t feel quite fulfilled; that’s when life opened up a new door. During a night out with friends at a local karaoke bar, she got offered a job as lead singer in a band. From that point on, she has had a deep love for singing and performing. Soon Melanie began playing shows from Quebec to Ontario with multiple bands. During this period, her style and presence continued to grow and evolve.

Melanie was involved in several shows and contests including appearances on Canadian Idol, Pop Stars, Le Gala Revelation and many more. It was during this period that she began the initial writing that would later become her first original album. She paired with professional musicians from the French Canadian scene and started recording and producing her first album in 2006 entitled, Mel “True”.

“On stage, she has an energy and passion that is indescribable! She loves what she does and it shows.”

Life just opened up a new door, so come along and see where it’s going to take her!