Brian Rolston – Drums/Vocals

Brian was born in Manhattan on the 328th anniversary of the incorporation of New York City. February 2nd: better known to most as Chandeleur, or Pancake Day in France.

At age 5, he discovered a drum set under the Christmas tree and by age 7, had co-founded his first band, The Burger Boys, which achieved less than moderate success.

His first gigging band however, was PLAN B. The original and eclectic trio, formed with good friends Jim Murray and Tom Wright, was based out of Baldwin NY from 1997-2000. It was a

group that Brian is proud of to this day. Although disbanded, and living thousands of miles apart, the group continues to collaborate with the man who introduced them, Scott Krummenacker.

Since hearning his bachelor’s in Music from the Purchase College Conservatory of Music, Brian enjoyed a stint with Blue Man Group before working as a free-lance musician. During this time, he has been lucky enough to perform in Ireland, Italy, and throughout the Northeast U.S., including a schedule of nearly 100 live and record dates annually in and around New York City. Tackling multiple genres has allowed him the privilege of having played some of New York’s larger stages such as Carnegie Hall and Nassau Coliseum, to its small jazz clubs Smoke and The Garage, to the historic rock clubs The Knitting Factory and The Bitter End.

Between periodic trips to Denver and Los Angeles to collaborate and record with the PLAN B guys, Brian currently plays in New York with groups such as The Brothers of the Road Band, The Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, The 92nd Street Y Orchestra, The David White Quintet, Entertainment Tonight, and multiple theater groups.

Artificial Flavor marks the fourth band in ten years in which Brian is playing alongside his good friend Perry Carbone on keys.
Oh, and he likes baseball, Anchor Steam Beer, books about the universe, and people who step all the way into the subway car.